Nyemod, Your Ads Guard

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Nyemod, is a tool that can protect your ads from click boom action, nyemod is a native javascript library and of course can be implemented on your website. Here is how to use Nyemod.

1. Make sure you have loaded the file nyemod.js / nyemod.min.js

  <script src="https://cdn.rawgit.com/codenoid/Nyemod/master/lib/nyemod.min.js"></script>
You can load it from RawGit

2. Enter the following code inside script tag

You can set the total maximum clicks and intervals according to your estimates

		click: 3, // max total click, and will be reloaded after interval
		interval: 23000 // reload time in ms

3. Give the contents of the Nyemod Class to each tag before the ad


	<div class="nyemod myads" name="This is the tag before the ad">
		<div name="Here's the Ads tag">
			<!-- AD CONTENT -->
Download code at Github

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