How to create your own database

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The database is a medium or a tool used as a data storage, some examples of databases that are familiar with a wide audience are Oracle and MySQL, well if you want to create your own database ?, here's an explanation for you.

on the basis of it, all computer software usually uses the file as their data storage, the database is also like that, even your .txt file can be made into a database, here's how to create a database.

1. Determine which programming language to use.

2. Design the type and structure of data to be stored in your database:
Our .txt file this time contains the following data structures:

My Blog Title <%> My Blog Content
My Blog Title <%> My Blog Content
My Blog Title <%> My Blog Content 

3. Use Open File in to read the database, navigate to the specified database file, for the extension, you are free to provide any extension.
4. line looping, line looping, and at this stage you should use the .split function to solve the data to be more specific, surely you must have an identity for it, but this time I use the delimiter.
5. Retrieve and use that data.

This is just a very basic example of creation, this way you can apply in your favorite programming language, why I do not give the code? , I am afraid it will make your brain spoiled, so much and thank you

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