CRUD with Crystal and Mysql

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After understanding how to integrate crystal with mysql, then this time we will learn about CRUD deeper, make sure before this you have follow this article Here are some crystal-db statements you can use,

1. db.query

You can retrieve 1 or more results with this statement, the results are in the form of data in order, and you must specify the data type correctly.

2. db.query_one

You can only retrieve 1 result data from here, but of course you have to add limit 1 on your query sql, the example of its usage is

name, city = "select name, city from indonesian_people where job='webdev' limit 1", as:{String, String}

3. db.exec

Very suitable for sql query like, insert update and delete.

Overall example

require "./jihantoro-cr-mysql/*"
require "db"
require "mysql"

db = "mysql://username:password@localhost:3306/jihantoro_crmysql"
at_exit { db.close }

friend = "Rouf"

puts "inserting data..."
db.exec "insert into friend (name) values (?)", friend # insert (Create) method

puts "reading data..."
myfriend = db.query_one "select name from friend limit 1", as:{String} # read (Read) method
puts "Hi " + myfriend

puts "updating data..."
newfriend = "Alficha"
db.exec "update friend set name=? where name=?", newfriend, myfriend # update (Update) method

puts "deleting data..."
db.exec "delete from friend where name=?", newfriend

puts "We want more..."
friends = ["Ary","Isacc","Fridgerator","Serdar","BrigeBOT xD"]
(0...5).each do |i|
  name = friends[i].to_s
  db.exec "insert into friend (name) values (?)", name
  puts "Hi " + name

puts "i forgot all of my friend, :O"
puts "reading memory. . .."
db.query "select name from friend" do |data|
  data.each do
    friend =
    puts friend + " is your friend"

one = db.query_one? "select name from friend where name='Ary' limit 1", as:{String}
if one
  one + " is still my friend"

db.exec "delete from friend"

puts "Bye..."

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